Simple Inked is purposely engineered to streamline your tattoo studio operations, and in turn make your business grow. In order for this to happen though you need to be utilising its powerful features. At the beginning of last year we turned on a handful of features to make 2016 more successful. This year we’re doing it again, but with a bunch of different features. When you implement the following changes you will enjoy a more efficient, effective and seamlessly run tattoo studio, which in turn will result in more clients choosing you over the others.

Before we turn on this new lot of features, click here to ensure that you have first enabled the features we talked about at the start of 2016. These features include your automatic Appointment Reminders, Advanced Online Bookings, Loyalty Points Program, 1-Touch Marketing (like your auto First Time and Birthday messages), as well as the regular visit to your Marketing page we implemented—you can start doing that now, it’s never too late.

Let’s get to it. Start utilising the following features to take business up a notch in 2017.

Setup Operator Levels to account for the varying levels of expertise between your artists

Among your artists it’s possible that you have varying levels of expertise—one artist might be more experienced or talented than the others, or you might have an apprentice starting out who’s not quite as advanced in their level of skill. The difference in ability between artists will most likely influence the pricing of your services, as well as the time it takes for each artist to complete a design. Your clients might pay more to have their design done by one of your more talented artists, or it might take more time for your apprentice to complete one. Your Simple Inked is built to manage these price and time differences between operators. Click here to setup your Operator Levels, and in turn make your tattoo studio operations more effective.

Manage your artists’ commissions with the Simple Inked in-built commission structure

It’s likely that your artists earn a commission based on the services they perform, and perhaps also the products they sell. Simple Inked has an inbuilt commission structure designed to figure it out for you. Set it up the way you want your commissions to be calculated, then simply touch base with your Commissions Report to see what commissions your operators have earned. Click here to see how you can setup your artists’ commissions in your Simple Inked account.

Reward your clients with Time Vouchers

Being a tattoo studio, you most likely price per design as well as per hour, therefore much of the way you operate might be in time—the time it takes to complete a client’s design is often the basis for how they are charged. Have you thought about creating some Gift Vouchers to account for free time on a client’s design? This is a great way to bump up sales by encouraging clients to buy Time Vouchers for friends and family as gifts. You could also use these vouchers as rewards for clients who refer someone new to you. Click here to see how you can create your Time Vouchers, and here to learn how to create them on the fly as Variable Vouchers.

Go ahead and setup the above features to make your tattoo studio operations more seamless this year, and as a result watch your business become even more successful.

If you haven’t yet got Simple Inked, click here to get started today.