Your Simple Inked account allows you to setup login details for each of your artists. This means that when they come to the computer/iPad (whatever device(s) you’re using Inked on) they can Log In, or even better Sign In with their 4 digit pin, allowing them into the system with the level of access you’ve set for them.

There are 3 levels of user access—Administrator (that’s you, the tattoo studio owner), Studio Manager, and Staff. Each of these have a different level of access—the Administrator can see everything, the Staff are limited to the basics, and the Studio Managers are somewhere in the middle. We break it down for you at the end of the post.

You can have as many users as you’d like, hence why our suggestion is to set everyone up with their own set of login details (Username, Password and Company ID), as well as their own pin (a 4 digit number). When this is the case, all individual activity is recorded and easily reportable. In your Activity Report you can see at a glance who logged in (and when), who made any changes (and when), who deleted stuff (and when)… you get the drift, the list goes on. Pretty much everything your artists do, while logged into your Simple Inked account, is tracked.

The idea then is that each of your artists are equipped with login details to Log In initially, and then throughout the day whoever comes to the screen will Sign In using their 4 digit pin.

| So, what do your artists actually see when they login? |

Administrators: have access to everything.

Studio Managers: have access to most areas, however they don’t have access to the following:

  • Quick Login settings in Application Settings
  • Global Lock Out settings in Security Settings
  • ‘Show Operator Report Link on KPI Report for all users’ setting in Security Settings
  • Enable all clients for Loyalty Points setting in Loyalty Points Settings 
  • Reward All Members with Bonus Points’ in Loyalty Points Settings
  • Enable all clients for Online Bookings setting in Online Bookings Settings

Staff: can make appointments, make notes/comments on appointments and clients, process sales via POS, view the Roster but not change it, receive orders via Ordering, but not generate new orders, and Submit a Request via your Help & Support page. Staff don’t have access to the following pages:

  • Admin
  • Reports
  • Account
  • Settings

Try it out for yourself, create some different users and log in as each one to see what they see.

Click here to see how you can create your users, so they can Log In as themselves. If you would also like to turn on your Quick Login feature, so that artists can Sign In using their 4 digit pin throughout the day, click here to see how.

Otherwise, if you don’t have Simple Inked, click here to get started today.