Among your artists it’s possible that you have varying levels of expertise—one artist might be more experienced or talented than the others, or you might have an apprentice starting out who’s not quite as advanced in their level of skill. The difference in ability between artists will most likely influence the pricing of your services, as well as the time it takes for them to complete a design. Your clients might pay more to have their design done by one of your more talented artists, or it might take more time for your apprentice to complete one. Your Simple Inked is built to manage these price and time differences between operators.

With Simple Inked you can setup your various Operator Levels, and simply assign these levels to each of your artists (operators) and services. This means that when an appointment is booked in one of your artist’s columns, the appointment price and duration will automatically adjust according to that specific artist’s set Operator Level.

Let’s say that you have a Half Day Session service, which is generally $400, however if booked with your most talented artist the price is $500. You can setup this artist with the highest operator level, which is set to the higher price, then leave it to the system to figure out the rest—anytime a client books in for a Half Day Session in this artist’s column, the price will adjust to $500, instead of the normal $400.

How about if your apprentice takes a little longer to complete any of your generic one off designs, for example, any of your Flash services. If the Flash 200 normally takes an artist 2 hours, but the apprentice 2.5 hours, you can assign the Apprentice operator level to the service to account for the longer duration. Therefore, only when the Flash 200 is booked into an apprentice’s column, then the time will automatically adjust to take 2.5 hours, rather than the normal 2 hours.

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